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Schema Drift - Local Quanta: a live audio-visual performance presenting that explores the tension between the natural world and how we understand it, shape it and attempt to quantify it. The work utilizes various landscape data sets captured by the artists or gathered from municipal LiDAR databases. These data sets are manipulated and rendered in real time, morphing, shifting and reacting to live audio inputs. The work features local landforms and human interventions found in the lower mainland at the scale of architecture and infrastructure in contrast with smaller, human-scale spatial moments captured at the beach or in the forest.

Alyssa and Bronwyn both have deep roots in music and the interactive arts, with Bronwyn DJing and Alyssa VJing &producing art for festivals and the community. Their shared love of electronic music has grown into a collaboration which they have besn exploring since 2021. They are excited to share Local Quanta: an audio-visual experience in which sonic landscapes and spatial data collected from locations surrounding the Salish sea create immersive simulated environments which explore the complexity of the natural world and the realm of human artifice.


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We're grateful to collaborate and produce on the shared, stolen, unceded, ancestral and traditional territories of Penelakut, Lamalcha, Hwitslum and other Hul’qumi’num speaking peoples, as well as the ceded territories of Tsawwassen First Nation, on what is now known as Galiano Island, British Columbia. We recognize the complex impacts that hosting settlers and non-settlers has on the Indigenous land and peoples of this area, and we aim to be responsible and accountable for these impacts and our footprint—whether cultural, environmental or social.

We acknowledge the generous support of our partners and funders:

LEÑA Artist Residency  Yellowhouse Art Centre  CRD Arts & Culture Support Service  Galiano Island Parks & Recreation  British Columbia Arts Council  Heritage Canada