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Code of Conduct to Prevent and Respond to Harassment, Discrimination, Bullying and Violence

This Code of Conduct is only one step in achieving our goals to provide a safer environment for artistic practice. Working from the Canadian Code of Conduct for the Performing arts, we have attempted to be inclusive and specific in addressing concerns affecting folks experiencing harassment, discrimination, bullying, violence, racism, homophobia, gendered oppression, ableism and more. We are always open to suggestions to improve this Code of Conduct and policy statements.

A/PPS has zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence.

A/PPS aims to provide a safer environment.

A/PPS values an inclusive environment.

This Active/Passive Performance Society (A/PPS) Code of Conduct confirms our commitment to safe and respectful workplaces and performance environments free of harassment including sexual harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence.

Harassment can take many forms including unwanted sexual attention, inappropriate jokes or texts, threats, and other unwelcome verbal, written, visual or physical communication or conduct. Discrimination can include microaggressions, outright or overt hate speech or actions, as well as systemic racism and misogyny. Discrimination needs to be looked at with a lens of intersectionality, as does A/PPS’s response.

Everyone has a responsibility to build safe and respectful environments, and as such we share this Code of Conduct with our artists, staff/crew, volunteers, and attendees.

Harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence can affect individuals at every level of the arts. Promoting increased gender equality and diversity is one way to break down barriers and reduce or eliminate these behaviours. Therefore A/PPS includes in its mandate “to amplify diverse artists”. We know that the word “diverse” is a buzzword that can act as a catch all, and we recognize that A/PPS has a responsibility to learn and grow and listen to ensure that our language and actions grow with our learnings and that we strive toward continuous improvement and reduction of barriers. At heart our goal is to ensure that all folks have opportunities to make, perform and experience art.

The principles espoused in this Code are applicable to all of our environments whether we are working, performing, hosting workshops or meeting as a board.

We will always encourage the good-faith reporting of complaints concerning harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence in our environments and will cooperate in or lead the investigation of such complaints as appropriate.

As such the following policy statements comprise our Code of Conduct Policy:

A/PPS has zero tolerance for harassment, discrimination, bullying and violence

We will take all reasonable measures to ensure that if Artists, Staff, Audience or Volunteers are experiencing harassment, discrimination, bullying or violence they can report in good faith to the A/PPS co-producers or directors without fear of reprisal or being ignored.

All concerns or complaints should be directed to the co-producers. Where the concern or complaint is about the co-producers, then it can be directed to a board member using This email will never be monitored or accessed by the co-producers.

If the co-producers or directors are made aware of such experiences they will:

A/PPS aims to provide a safer environment

A/PPS values an inclusive environment


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We're grateful to collaborate and produce on the shared, stolen, unceded, ancestral and traditional territories of Penelakut, Lamalcha, Hwitslum and other Hul’qumi’num speaking peoples, as well as the ceded territories of Tsawwassen First Nation, on what is now known as Galiano Island, British Columbia. We recognize the complex impacts that hosting settlers and non-settlers has on the Indigenous land and peoples of this area, and we aim to be responsible and accountable for these impacts and our footprint—whether cultural, environmental or social.

We acknowledge the generous support of our partners and funders:

LEÑA Artist Residency  Yellowhouse Art Centre  BC Ferries  CRD Arts & Culture Support Service  Galiano Island Parks & Recreation  Creative BC  British Columbia Arts Council  Canada Council for the Arts