Getting to Galiano

Galiano Island is accessible by boat. You can take BC Ferries from the mainland, Vancouver Island, Pender, Mayne, Saturna and Salt Spring Island. These routes are extremely busy in the summer. Make sure to get to the terminal with plenty of time to line up. The only reservable route is Tsawassen to Galiano and it fills up well in advance. Book your ferry from Tsawassen now! If you’re traveling from Salt Spring Island, be sure to plan well in advance as there are very few sailings between these two islands.

If you’re super-lucky and have your own boat, you can anchor or moor in Montague Harbour, either at the marina or at the provincial park. There’s also a government dock in Sturdies Bay, with limited space available, if you’re just coming in for the day.

We've also setup a tool for carpooling, which brings down costs, helps folks who can't drive and is better for the environment.


The best way to stay on Galiano is to find a friend with a place here and camp there. Consider asking if your other friends can camp with you too.

Campsites are available to book at Montague Provincial Park, but it fills up well in advance. There are some first-come, first-served sites and overflow available. It's helpful to come very early to have a chance at these limited spots. Some folks choose to come a day or two early to beat the Friday rush. There is also a group site at the park that is reservable if you’re coming with a bunch of friends.

You can also find some rental accommodations, but again... they fill up SO fast.


In general


Yellowhouse Art Centre: The venue has built in new wheelchair paths throughout the site, but the grounds are still "natural", so be prepared if you have mobility concerns around gravel/rocky terrain. They now have two accessible bathrooms that accommodate wheelchairs. There are all types of places to sit and stand, shaded and not. Let us know if there are ways we can help with any barriers!

Golf Course: This space is not accessible. Be prepared for mosquitos and wear good footwear.

Maker Space at LEÑA Artist Research Centre and Residency: This space is located at the end of a short but rough driveway. The room itself is accessible. Modified tables for wheelchair height can be made available on request.

Do you need to know more about what to expect to feel comfortable at any of our events? We'll walk you through them to help neurodivergent folks or folks with anxiety or disabilities feel comfortable, including what the venues look like, what kind of shade is available, how loud things are, how many people come, what the stage is like, etc., whatever you need to know! Please feel free to email us with questions!

Once you’re here

Things to do

There’s a great festival we can recommend, but also:

Places to eat

Galiano boasts many amazing restaurants:

Atrevida at the Galiano Inn

Babes in the Woods Eatery

Charmer Pizza at Pilgrimme

Crane and Robin at the Montague Marina

Flying Black Dog Cafe

Hummingbird Inn and Pub

La Leña Pizza Patio at the Galiano Inn

Lola and Pinky’s at Bodega Ridge

Max and Moritz at Sturdies Bay Ferry Terminal

Oxeye Cafe


Solomon Rose Cafe

Sturdies Bay Bakery

Wild1 Cookhouse

Woodstone Restaurant at Woodstone Manor


Biking: Galiano is full of winding, hilly roads. If you’re biking on the island, please bring appropriate lights and consider a high-vis vest. Please don’t ride anyway other than single file, and don’t wave cars on past you as visibility doesn’t allow passing in most situations.

Driving: Galiano is full of winding, hilly roads. Please drive the speed limit and go slowly if bikes or pedestrians are on the road. Consider carpooling.

Walking: Galiano is full of winding, hilly roads. Please walk towards oncoming traffic, not with it, unless at a blind corner. Please don’t walk side by side, and use paths like the Sturdies Bay Trail whenever they’re available. Consider high-vis vests if walking at night and definitely carry a flashlight to be seen.

Fires: Fires are Galiano’s BIGGEST fear in summertime. Even more than the winding, hilly roads. PLEASE follow these important rules:


We have an ambulance station and a rural-sized clinic on Galiano. Our health system is, like everywhere else in BC, overburdened. Please make sure to bring your medications with you (we don’t have a pharmacy). Dial 911 for a medical emergency.


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We're grateful to collaborate and produce on the shared, stolen, unceded, ancestral and traditional territories of Penelakut, Lamalcha, Hwitslum and other Hul’qumi’num speaking peoples, as well as the ceded territories of Tsawwassen First Nation, on what is now known as Galiano Island, British Columbia. We recognize the complex impacts that hosting settlers and non-settlers has on the Indigenous land and peoples of this area, and we aim to be responsible and accountable for these impacts and our footprint—whether cultural, environmental or social.

We acknowledge the generous support of our partners and funders:

LEÑA Artist Residency  Yellowhouse Art Centre  BC Ferries  CRD Arts & Culture Support Service  Galiano Island Parks & Recreation  Creative BC  British Columbia Arts Council  Canada Council for the Arts